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'A politician, political leader, or political figure (from Classical Greek πόλις, "polis") is a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election, inheritance, coup d'état, appointment, conquest, or other means. Politics is not limited to governance through public office. Political offices may also be held in corporations. In civil uprisings, politicians may be called freedom fighters. In media campaigns, politicians are often referred to as activists.'

This is the shakedown year, the year that we as a people get to choose more of the same, or more change. It is up to us to figure out what we believe is best for our country and our people, and mark the paper at the ballot box. We could also make an effort to take several voters with us, and empower their ability to vote too. TOGETHER, we can save this society of ours from being ripped apart further.
Paul Moss
THIS IS HOW we are going to reduce plastic, stop deep sea oil, adopt new policies for government and create a bether world, together!

LAUGH and Learn, now that works for me, and it has a solid research basis for being true.

'discussing it rationally and with respect. That is the society that I want to live in, and leave to our descendants.
Either way, the main issue is voting. getting people to vote, respecting their views and decisions about their vote, just get a whole lot more people out voting. the policies will always mutate, the politicians and parties will come and go, but the people need to speak up, and loudly.
otherwise we will watch the dolphins die out while we talk about how much it costs to register our trailers that most of us don't have anyway..I don't get that at all. trailers? how is that going to alter the rising sea levels? how will that make our waterways safe to swim in again.
And how about our privacy and freedoms? and strong leadership into this new daunting era? an interesting time in our history, seems to me that we are about to hit the turning point. lets do our best to get it turning faster.' Paul Moss.


'Public choice theory.
Public choice theory involves the use of modern economic tools to study problems that are traditionally in the province of political science. (A more general term is "political economy", an earlier name for "economics" that evokes its practical and theoretical origins, but should not be mistaken for the Marxian use of the same term.)
In particular, it studies the behavior of voters, politicians, and government officials as (mostly) self-interested agents and their interactions in the social system either as such or under alternative constitutional rules. These can be represented a number of ways, including standard constrained utility maximization, game theory, or decision theory. Public choice analysis has roots in positive analysis ("what is"), but is often used for normative purposes ("what ought to be"), to identify a problem or suggest how a system could be improved by changes in constitutional rules.[4] A key formulation of public choice theory is in terms of rational choice, the agent-based proportioning of scarce means to given ends. An overlapping formulation with a different focus is positive political theory. Another related field is social choice theory.

HELP save our oceans and marine life? Take meeting notes?
wanna come to Parliament monthly and take notes for EARTHRACE at more very important meetings with MP's for the Environment? This process is crucial to achieving awareness of our group policies at government level. YOU can make a difference. YOU can help represent our group and help politicians fig...ure out how to incorporate our views and demands into their agenda, for both election and government.
Personal Message / email / text us so that we can rsvp and ensure appropriate arrangements are in place for us. I am willing to collect you and deliver you back anywhere in Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, courtesy of a small travel sponsorship from StarRiver Ltd.
I can personally vouch for the value of these meetings at parliament, the learning I both ways, I learned heaps about how the political process works. We can become much more EFFECTIVE with this knowledge, and save more environment and animals, on land, air and sea.

Paul Moss
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